Colin Jago showing a group of people the geology at Red Wharf Bay

Anglesey / GeoMôn UNESCO Global Geopark

Anglesey is a very popular holiday destination with such spectacular geology that it has been recognised by UNESCO as a global geopark; you find more than 100 rock types accumulated over 1,800 million years of earth history; find some wonderful fossils – Anglesey is the home of the earliest inhabitants of the UK, the world famous stromatolites which lived here over 860 million years ago.  You will be amazed at the variety of colours, textures, shapes and rock types that create such beautiful coastal scenery. Main photo shows the Carboniferous limestone scenery near Moelfre. Photo left shows a group of students examining part of the Carboniferous sequence at Red Wharf Bay.

Did you know ?

  • Anglesey used to be south of New Zealand ?
  • Anglesey has the oldest fossils in the UK?
  • Anglesey’s copper mine helped Nelson win the battle of Trafalgar?
  • You can find remains of hot searing deserts, steamy equatorial swamps, tropical coral seas, massive underwater volcanoes

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