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Welcome to Anglesey (Môn), the largest of the Welsh islands, covering some 280 square miles (720 km2) and 120 miles (201 km) of fabulous coastline, situated in the north west corner of Wales.

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What is the GeoMôn Global Geopark?

GeoMôn Global Geopark is a place with spectacular geology spanning 4 Eras, 12 Geological periods, 1,800 million years, more than 100 rock types and many types of surface sediments.  It is home to the oldest fossils in England or Wales. Each rock type creates its own landscape either from its own characteristics, or from the way it reacts to the forces of erosion, or by how it weathers to form soils which underpin biodiversity and land use. Stunning rocky cliffs, extensive sandy beaches, small rocky coves, ancient monuments and settlements, and a variety of quarries and mines are some of the characteristics of our landscape.  The human landscape is defined by building stones influencing architecture and by soils influencing agriculture and forestry.

GeoMôn Global Geopark is a company limited by guarantee and a charity, run by a board  of 13 elected trustees, 7 of whom live in the Geopark and 3 of us are native Welsh speakers. You can contact us here

Our mission is to develop Anglesey’s spectacular geoheritage as a resource for education and recreation for both visitors and residents of the Island and thereby to improve the local economy and employment prospects on the island.

Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Promote the Geopark, in particular to the local community, to visitors and to those seeking knowledge of the island’s geology.
  • Encourage awareness of, and educate about, the geodiversity and geoheritage, the historical, cultural and economic importance of the area, and encourage further geological and related research.
  • Promote awareness of climate change both and how it affects Anglesey in particular
  • Work to encourage businesses, educational groups, voluntary and statutory agencies to generate further employment and environmentally responsible and sustainable development within the Geopark.
  • Manage our organisation efficiently, developing such systems, management structures and methodologies as are required to implement these strategic objectives.

Join us to explore and discover this outstanding Geo-heritage,  which underpins all aspects of landscape development, biodiversity, land use, human history, agriculture and even culture. Geological sites have been selected  for scientific quality, rarity, aesthetic appeal and educational value. Their interest may also be archaeological, ecological, historical, or cultural. It is from this geology that the island derives its local and regional distinctiveness and character.

potato growing

Farmers prepare soils for potato growing; these soils blew in a major sandstorm in the 13th century.  [John Conway]

Anglesey is  :

  • home to the oldest fossils in the UK
  • home of what was the largest copper mine in the world in its heyday
  • helped Nelson win the battle of Trafalgar
  • home of the largest AONB in Wales
  • source of the building stones of the Liver Building, Birmingham City Hall and many other classic buildings
  • home to exclusively red squirrels

Explore our website to learn more, to find out how you can enjoy the beauty that is Anglesey, what makes it GeoMôn UNESCO Global Geopark

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