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Global Geopark Network welcomes 8 new geoparks … here is the full map

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Solar panels in pastureland do not significantly reduce lamb production….but great improve farmer’s income!

With the prospect of ever more solar panels spreading across grazing land this recent American study is highly relevant to land use, combating... Read More

UNESCO’s role in using earth sciences to build world peace and sustainable community development

UNESCO is the only United Nations Agency with a mandate to support Earth Sciences. Learn more about how UNESCO has been making a... Read More

Soil and Stones report published ….

Soil is hugely important but also neglected and degraded, while stones are too often considered as more of a waste than a valuable... Read More

i-Geology app

iGeology offers a digital geology map of Britain, which allows users to explore their local geology at street-level scale virtually anywhere in the... Read More

UK’s mineral production, consumption and trade revealed in new report

BGS has published the United Kingdom Minerals Yearbook 2020, with partners the Confederation of British Industry Minerals Group and Mineral Products Association The... Read More

Virtual visits- CADW

Visit CADW’s Facebook to see a variety of virtual visits including one of great interest to GeoMon viewers – a visit to Din... Read More

Morlais : Menter Môn’s energy project aiming to benefit local communities, the economy and climate.

Newsletter – April 2021– bringing you updates and the latest about the development.Morlais is Menter Môn’s tidal stream energy project which aims to... Read More

“Geo-week 2021” – a week of geological events from 1-9 May.

ACTIVE GEOSCIENCE GeôMon supports GeoWeek : a new initiative that seeks to introduce geoscience to as many members of the public as possible.... Read More


James Hutton, the father of modern geology, was the executor of Adam Smith’s will and a frequent visitor to Panmure House. The discussions... Read More

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