UK’s mineral production, consumption and trade revealed in new report

BGS has published the United Kingdom Minerals Yearbook 2020, with partners the Confederation of British Industry Minerals Group and Mineral Products Association

The United Kingdom Mineral Yearbook 2020 contains key findings such as:

  • Sand and gravel were worth £934 million to the UK economy in 2019, compared to £584m in 2013
  • Coal was worth just £132 million to the UK economy in 2017, compared to £780 million in 2013
  • Coal production has declined from 12,768 thousand tonnes in 2013 to 2,166 in 2019, a decrease of over 80%
  • Production of crushed rock has risen from a historic low in 2009 of 91,103 thousand tonnes, to 129,300 thousand tonnes in 2019, showing a gradual recovery in the construction sector and wider economy.
  • Iron and steel production has dropped by 33% in the last five years

For UK consumption of energy wind and hydro electricity have risen to 5% of the total whereas coal has dropped  to 2%, petroleum, gas and nuclear have remained stable

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