Soil and Stones report published ….

Soil is hugely important but also neglected and degraded, while stones are too often considered as more of a waste than a valuable resource or material. Soil is vital to our food production, to the carbon balance of the planet and to our water supply. Soil also under threat from climate change

Urgent action is needed to ensure the protection of these natural resources, and this means we must improve understanding and practices across sectors including construction, forestry, engineering, and agricultural management. 

With this urgency in mind, SocEnv formed a SocEnv task group made up of Chartered Environmentalists. During the last year, they have been drawing together their collective expertise to produce a report aimed at highlighting good practice for professionals working with soil and stones.

The final report can be accessed here >>

If you are interested in the soils of Anglesey, GeoMon’s own Dr John Conway has written a book [available from our online shop] and a section of this website accessible here

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