Online lectures from UNESCO

We are promoting new FREE Earth sciences lectures which are organised under the remit of International Geoscience programme in collaboration with UNESCO’s partner organizations, International Union of geosciences (IUGS) and iCRAG.

The lecture series will commence on 26 January 2021 with the thematic: Earth Materials: The Foundation for Development

And will be followed by:

  • Climate Neutrality, The Circular Economy, and Earth Materials (2 February 2021)
  • The Neglected Minerals and Materials of Development (9 February 2021)
  • Mineral extraction and Communities (16 February 2021)
  • Suppliers, Consumers and the Global Minerals Supply Chain (2 March 2021
  • Earth Materials and a Sustainable Future (9 March 2021)

If you want to participate in the lecture, please register at:

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