New book published, edited by Cynthia Burek of GeoMon, celebrating female geologists.

“Celebrating 100 Years of Female Fellows of the Geological Society; Discovering Forgotten Histories’

The Geological Society of London was founded in 1807, but female geologists weren’t welcome as Fellows until May 1919 when the first eight female Fellows were elected.

This new publication is a follow-up to the volume The Role of Women in the History of Geology in 2007, also edited by Cynthia Burek and Bettie Higgs.

This new book presents the often untold stories of pioneering female geoscientists from across the world who navigated male-dominated academia and learned societies, experienced the harsh realities of Siberian field-exploration, or responded to the strategic necessity of the ‘petroleum girls’ in early American oil exploration and production. It uncovers important female role models in the history of science, and investigates why due recognition from their contemporaries and peers was not afforded to all. The work has identified a number of common issues that sometimes led to original work and personal achievements being lost or unacknowledged and, as a consequence, to histories being unwritten.

Full details of both publications, together with interviews with the editors and details of how to buy the book are avaialbe on the Geol Soc website

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