5 Lithomorphic soils – rendzina

Lithomorphic soils have a well-developed topsoil but no subsoil and are very shallow (<30cm) soils over rock, rubble or unaltered sediment.   Rankers are non-calcareous, and may be quite acid, sometimes with peaty surface layers.  Rendzinas are calcareous, usually with a normal topsoil, formed over limestone (or chalk).
Location:  Mariandrws, just north of Beaumaris, Anglesey – located in a small disused quarry on a sharp bend in the unclassified road from Llanddona to Mariandrws at SH595812.  Follow the public footpath, noting the soil on top of the quarry face on the left for about 50 yards

Humic rendzina (Marian Series), parent material Carboniferous limestone;  vegetation, plants of limestone grassland;  land use  rough grazing.


0-18       Ah     very dark greyish-brown, almost black, highly organic sandy loam.  Well- developed crumb structure, very abundant fine roots, earthworms present,  sharp, irregular boundary to

18+         R      hard, white Carboniferous limestone, slightly fractured.

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