GeoMôn’s Education Aims are :

  1. To improve the understanding of the geological history of Anglesey among local secondary school pupils.
  2. To enhance classroom-based learning of core national curriculum topics in Geography and Science such as plate tectonics, glaciation, and coastal erosion.
  3. To provide an opportunity for pupils to learn outside of the classroom providing context to learning.
  4. To provide an opportunity for pupils to experience an outdoor adventurous activity.

See our Geokyaking proejct for aims 1,2 and 4


Bookmark / photographic scale / Geological time

Available in both Welsh and English from the Geopark Centre or download from here

geological timescales

Teaching Resources

Research report commissioned by geopark staff into :Using field based geodiversity information in schools considers primary and secondary needs, directly links to the Welsh geology curricula (WJEC O and A level) and contains links to loads of online teaching resources.

Children’s Activities – checkout our our page of activities

Online geological resources

There are some excellent online geology resources

Check out the virtual rock identification kit and this extensive set of resources from Earth Learning Idea

British Geological Society has an excellent Discovering Geology website

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