Geopark news

UN Committee on the Status of Women invite GeoMôn director to judge competition….

GeoMôn director Professor Cynthia Burek has been invited to be one of three judges in a UN Committee on the Status of Women... Read More

UNESCO Strategy for Action on Climate Change : GeoMôn’s response

The latest European Geopark Network conference highlighted the UNESCO Strategy on Climate Change which is to encourage Member States to take urgent action... Read More

Porth Amlwch Watch House lit up again

GeoMon Geopark is grateful to Dean McIntosh who for providing and fitting the lamp in the Watch House Tower, restoring it to its... Read More

UN Report “Making peace with nature”

The United Nations released a report Thursday on the health of the planet that proposes a radical shift in the way mankind thinks... Read More

Project Time

Project TIME will be using innovative sampling and measurement methods to produce hundreds of new radiocarbon measurements from sites dating to the period... Read More

Guidelines for geoconservation in protected and conserved areas

Recently published, this guidance recognises the importance of effective means of protecting geoheritage, World Heritage Sites and Geoparks, the latter an expanding global... Read More

Hidden seascapes around the geopark

Dr Michael Roberts, one of the Geopark trustees, is heading a project by Bangor University using subsea survey devices. Their website has a... Read More

Online lectures from UNESCO

We are promoting new FREE Earth sciences lectures which are organised under the remit of International Geoscience programme in collaboration with UNESCO’s partner... Read More

Professor Cynthia Burek is appointed to UNESCO IGCP Science Board.

GEOMON congratulates its Trustee, Professor Cynthia Burek, who has recently been appointed to the UNESCO International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) Science Board which serves... Read More

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