Anglesey news

Porth Amlwch Watch House lit up again

GeoMon Geopark is grateful to Dean McIntosh who for providing and fitting the lamp in the Watch House Tower, restoring it to its... Read More

UN Report “Making peace with nature”

The United Nations released a report Thursday on the health of the planet that proposes a radical shift in the way mankind thinks... Read More

Project Time

Project TIME will be using innovative sampling and measurement methods to produce hundreds of new radiocarbon measurements from sites dating to the period... Read More

New Wales farming pollution rules ‘compel industry to change’

New rules on rural pollution are being introduced on 1 April to tackle river pollution are designed to have a “significant and ongoing”... Read More

New Biodiversity Plan to help tackle climate change

A newly announced Biodiversity Plan will help the County Council respond to the impacts of climate change. In September 2020, Anglesey formally declared... Read More

The Earth Project features Welsh Geodiversity

This month’s special feature is a photographic tour of the Geodiversity of Wales showcasing some of the most spectacular geological sites in Wales... Read More

Anglesey, home to a major tidal energy project

Morlais is a Menter Môn project which aims to benefit local communities, the economy and environment through renewable low carbon electricity generation. The... Read More – shop local!

Find retailers that you’ll love and support your local independents – delivered to your door or ready to collect from their store, join... Read More

Cemaes Tide and Tide Bell

Cemaes Bay w as chosen for the location for a Time and Tide Bell Cemaes Bay is on the north coast of Anglesey... Read More

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