Footsteps Through Time - The Rocks and Landscape of Anglesey (EU countries price)


Written to stimulate interest in the Island's Geology and to help visitors and inhabitants alike understand the complex geological history of Anglesey's vast array of rocks and their fascinating and exciting origins. For those who find difficulty in visiting the geosites and seeing the new geoboards or following the trails, the photographs and explanatory text in this book provide an alternative virtual study of the island. It contains around 200 pages and the illustrations, maps and diagrams are top quality. It has been written by Dr Stewart Campbell (NRW). Dr Margaret Wood (GeoMon) and Professor Brian Windley, (University of Leicester) with contributions from Robert Crossley (Fugro Robertson Ltd) David Jenkins (University of Bangor) Michael Roberts (University of Bangor). It has been a joint project by GeoMon and Isle of Anglesey County Council.