Congratulations to Rhys Mc Carthy...


Rhys has won the British Sedimentology Research Group (BSRG) Best Masters Prize for 2012 for his thesis on a Coastline Geosurvey in Cemlyn Bay, Anglesey. He did this in the Ocean Sciences Dept at Bangor University and it was in collaboration with GeoMon.  Rhys worked as a volunteer in GeoMon before starting his M.Sc. and we are very proud of his achievements. He now has a full time job.


MSc project run under the joint supervision of the School of Ocean Sciences and GeoMôn, Anglesey Geopark.


Planned work for Rhys' survey now completed


Scientific background and rationale for the survey:


The overall scientific aim of the project is to delineate the change in relative sea-level around the area over the last 4000 to 6000 years and from this, perhaps support one of two competing predictions that are based on models of regional crustal movement over that time period. (Whilst this information is known from 6000 to 14000 years from information collected in the Menai Strait, there is a paucity of data from the last 4-6000 years – just at the time when the two models diverge in their predictions.)


Buried layers of peat are a potential source of information about past sea-levels and these are present at or just below the foreshore in parts of Cemlyn. Conveniently, they often appear as strong sub-bottom seismic reflectors on acoustic data. The first stage to this work, then, involves mapping the offshore area to test the presence of peat. The second stage would involve the sampling of the peats in the lowermost part of the inter-tidal zone by conducting a hand-operated coring process.