Plas Coch sponsors the Geopark

We are very pleased to announce that Plas Coch will be sponsoring the training of 12 local guides for Anglesey and the Geopark. These guides will operate strategically around the island delivering walks and tours to the public and groups. The Plas Coch Guiding Course for GeoMôn covers 10 weeks and commences in mid-January."


Talacre have been keen to support GeoMon after hearing about Anglesey gaining UNESCO Global Geopark status.   An article published in Anglesey's Chronicle News (January 7th), entitled: GeoMon leading the way, it was reported that the directors and management of Plas Coch Holiday Home Park had become the first company to support an initiative to train 12 people as guides.  Mike Squire, Business Development Manager of GeoMon Ltd. said: "The approach from Plas Coch was our first approach from a commercial organisation and we were absolutely thrilled when Plas Coch agreed with our plans to sponsor the training of 12 guides.  Coleg Llandrillo have put together a course which will run over a 12 week period at the end of which, if successful, will be qualified to level 2 and will be able to take out walks and tours around the island. "The course will be hosted by Plas Coch on two of the days (the rest will be field trips).  Well trained guides are a prime medium in disseminating information in a living environment and we are very greaful to have the enlightened management of Talacre Beach Group's, Plas Coch, as partners  in achieving this."  


James McAllister, deputy managing director of Plas Coch, said: "The directors and management of Plas Coch are delighted to support the spirit of GeoMon and to provide sponsorship for this ten week course." "It also means that at Plas Coch we will have our own guide and so will have a vast choice of  tours and walks for our holiday home owners.  The sponsorship will enable 12 individuals to become guides, we wanted to become part of this historic initiative. Anglesey has a tremendous cultural heritage and a welath of stories to be told for the interest of visitors ans inhabitants alike."