mySoil lets you take a soil properties map of Britain with you wherever you go, helping you learn about the soil beneath your feet.  


And with your phone's GPS you'll know exactly where you are.


Download mySoil for iPhone, ipod touch or iPad, from the App Store. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.





iGeology is a free smartphone App that lets you take a geological map of Britain with you wherever you go to help you learn about the rocks beneath your feet.


And with the phone's GPS, you'll know exactly where you are.


Free iGeology download

iPhone or iPad from

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Volcanoes Tour


We all know Volcanoes have changed the landscape, many of them have vacated city/town/villages nearby them, few of them had take away life of surrounding area. Though, as a adventures animal we are always attracted to visit to Volcanoes.


We have provided herewith around 70 volcanoes, with the detailed information on history, weather, where you should stay, how you can get there, activities performed and photo gallery.


Download the app to have virtual tour with volcanic navigation and plan your first Adventures tour to one of the great volcano.


£0.69 (this app is designed for both iphone and ipad).

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iGeology 3D


iGeology 3D is a free smartphone app that 'paints' a geological map on the ground  be used alone or as a companion product to iGeology.

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Geology comes to life when you learn about it in the great outdoors, so we have included some of the latest  apps here  -suitable for geologists and amateur's alike.  

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  • tap any landscape feature you can see and iGeology 3D will tell you about the rocks

  • turn your phone in any direction to look around

  • walk around the landscape and the view will move with you


Free iGeology 3D

for Android download from

Google Play