On the 11th of November we were joined by two staff members of the Hong Kong Geopark who were touring a selection of Geoparks which also included Germany and Japan.  They were Dr K. M. Yeung who is the manager of the Hong Kong Geopark and Geopark Officer Yu-nam Chan.  Mike collected them from Bangor station and, after a  “restorative” lunch they were taken to GeoMôn partner Derimôn where they would return to stay the night. The tour then went to Cemaes Bay to meet another GeoMôn partner Oriel Cemaes where they were shown some art of the island and plans for an exciting development in community cooperation which is top secret for now but will hopefully be implemented soon.


Then Dr Margaret Wood did a brief tour of the geological wonders of the area including the site of her groundbreaking discovery which changed the identification of Anglesey’s geological history.  We were all impressed by a form on which the Dalai Lama is reputed to have sat on and declared it the most peaceful view in the world!  Day Two was spent with Dr Stewart Campbell and Terry Beggs and covered Pary’s Mountain and South Stack. They also brought their infamous “talking pen” with them which can be run over an A4 map and “speaks” about the geological features in a number of languages. They were departing for an overnight in London the off back to Hong Kong on Friday.



















Geoparks form a very active network and there is a constant two way flow of information and experience which helps us all to develop our individual Geoparks.

"Your determination to accomplish the geopark mission with limited resources is a great encouragement to us."